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Rainya Tugun Eco Resort is to be a pioneer eco friendly and complete resort at large area in Rangamati. It is supposed to be an abode for guest in Tranquil Nature and, gives a taste of living in wildlife.  It has been started developmental work since the mid of 2009, however, preparatory work and the construction of Bungalow and villa is still going on.  It is strongly expected to be largest comprehensive tourist destination of CHT in future. This is a part of social enterprises of Strategic Actions Society (SAS), a local NGO active in Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh and the income earned from resort’s activities would be delivered to run social welfare activities by SAS. The name of resort derived from the 2 indigenous Chakma term from Rainya and Tugun. Rainya refers the fallow land of post Jum Cultivation and the Tugun is for Summit or Peak.  

It is located approximately 30 minutes drive from Rangamati town by road, and 3.50 kms away from the Kaptai Hydro Electric Dam; the largest artificial dam in Asia. It has a total land area of 20+ Acres covered with lush green grass, uncountable plants variety (Flora and Fauna) and colorful tropical flowers and surrounded by beautiful Kaptai  lake & Kaptai National Forest. 

The resort is enabling to welcome parties and programs. It offers variety of services to the guests. The Resort caters to individual family needs as well as corporate demands for workshop, retreats and meeting. Through hands-on activities and interaction with local villagers, guests will be able to deeply immerse themselves into village life.

We wish to share with everyone our ideas and dream where there is no restriction on ages and religions. Through this we hope to show you our genuine commitment to protect the environment and promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. After your time with us and experiencing the lifestyle here, we hope that you will join us as an ally to work together towards a better world and future.

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