OUR ACTIVITIES: The activities we organize can be divided into 2 categories as below-

A)     In Compound activities: Some of the indoor activities to do on the Resort are-


  1. Swimming & Boat Riding: Guest will be able to swim in the water storage of Kaptai lake which is surrounding Rainya Tugun or they can swim in the swimming pool of Rainya Tugun that aimed to construct it.
  2. Meditation/Yoga:

We offer meditation class to the individual or a group on demand. Any body can join in meditation classes on payment of course/session fee when and where we ask participant to join.

  1. Presentation of Indigenous Culture and Tradition:
  2. Farming:
    At Rainya Tugun Eco Resort, we practice an Ecological Sustainable principle with a unique management system integrating an organic farming culture. Part of our farming activities under mentioned sub activities are being run; such as-

a) Organic cultivation on land Terrace:

The organic farm at Rainya Tugun Eco Resort is constantly expanding. We grow vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs using natural farming methods. A mixture of Traditional and modern farming techniques is applied in growing food to use in the meals we prepare for you.

The entire plantation in our resort are cultivated without chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Instead, we produce in resorts cattle farm organic compost as the natural fertilizer. We have various type of organic vegetables, such as, Lettuce, Cos lettuce, Spinach, Lady Finger, Long Bean, Wing Bean, French Bean, Bitter Gourd, Egg Plant, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Silk Gourd, Radish, Sweet Corn, Sweet Potato, Turnips, and many more...

Our resort contains various types of exotic tropical fruit. We have plants of Bananas, Olive, Orange, Lotkon, Betelnut, Hog Plum, Star Apple, Pomelo, Mangosteen, Carambola, Custard aple, Coconut, Tamarind, Barry, Plum, Wood Apple, Amla, Pineapples, Guavas, Jack fruit, Sour Sops, Litchi, Mango, Lemons, Papayas, and many more...

Our herbal garden contains over 100 species of plants, many of them with traditional medicinal properties. We do have a Nursery named as ‘Arony’ where saplings and seedling are produced in an organic manner.

Visitors would gain understanding on the operating system of organic farming, understand what is organic food, more importantly, to taste freshly picked organic vegetables in the farm.

b) Animal Husbandry

In the resort we have a cattle and poultry farm that includes, Deshi Cow, Chickens and ducks. The animals are fed with natural food with no antibiotics and hormones. The animals are grown ethically in a healthy growing cycle and environment. We produce milk, eggs and meat to serve to our guest with.

c) Mushroom Production Center:

d) Orchid Park: This would be a unique initiative to conserve and development of local and external species of orchid which are used in home or any other places for enriching beauty. In proposed park, saplings and mature flowers of orchid are to be displayed and sale as well. Guests are to be facilitated through clarification on it culture by expert.



  1. Out Door Activities:

We are able to organize mentioning Out Door activities hereunder based on demand of our guests for their comfortable stay with us. Extra fees and charges is applicable to the respective activity.

  1. Hill Trekking
  2. Tribal Village and Community visit
  3. Sight Seeing Or Eco Tours
  4. Home Stay with Tribal family
  5. Offer Food to Buddhist Monk


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