The Team

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Subsistent individual may purchase ownership, in partial or full or any number, of each Bungalow or villa with prescribe/stipulated amount subject to their own interest and ability and depending on the estimated construction cost. Ownership will effect from the date of full operation of Villas or Bungalows;
  2. Proportional amount (Probably 25%) on the net income from the respective villa or bungalow will be distributed to or shared with owner in cash yearly basis.
  3. Villa or Bungalow owners will get priority with attractive discount (15% on average) in all services and product available.
  4. Each owner will be able to enjoy/stay along with family or friends in his/her bungalow or villa for 15 days per year with no cost except the cost incurred otherwise.
  5. 10% Cash Back on reference sales;
  6. Each owner may give their advice or raise their concern at any time, in form of oral or black and white, to resort management for smooth business operation and income maximization;
  7. The bungalow or villas belong to owner will go under resort management for daily maintenance and management.
  8. Ownership will remain for real owner’s lifelong or as long as the villa or bungalow last. This ownership is not transferable or disposable except resort management. After expiry of any owner, no one descendant of him or her  will legally eligible to claim hereditary ownership over the villa or bungalow; however, said owner may transfer or sell, in partial or full, to resort management.
  9. No rentals apply wherever the bungalow or villa is constructed on the ground of resort.
  10. Ownership distribution is to be made on first come first serve basis and no dual ownership of a single villa would be maintained.
  11. Ownership on the properties is sole to be purchased with money equivalent of the owner. The land where ever the bungalow or villa is constructed will never cover the ownership;
  1. Each bungalow or villa will be handed over by December 2016 or after completion of construction

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