We would like to extend our partnership, beyond community and guests, to the people who have a good command and interest in conservation of culture, heritage, tradition and ecosystem, Architectural design and substantial money to invest in this sector. We welcome them to be part of our journey for the well being of Community and the Nature.  


The people we want

The Investors

(For Joint investment for enormous returns and benefits)

Rainya Tugun Eco Resort is to be a target of sound investment of your wealth which will pay you back its return in cash and other benefits. Therefore, interested individual may start thinking to put your hands together with us.


The Architect

(For Creative design)

We would like to have the resort full of indigenous architectural design. So if you have been waiting for contributing in creative and gorgeous project to design – a resort inspired by local heritage and ecology – we would love to hear from you soon.

The Suppliers

(For Eco-friendly goods/material delivery)

If a businessman/dealer has green credentials and offers a goods or service relevant to building and launching our resort, feel free to talk to us. We wish to march with you.

The Advocates

(For assistances spread the word)

If our motto and plans match you dream, we would love you to spread out the word. Click on our Facebook page, sign up for our site and share our news/post within your network. You can be a fan of our good things.


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