Our Motto

OUR MOTTO in Service

Rainya Tugun Eco Resort set forth 3 mottos in Service based operation. Such as:



The central idea of Rainya Tugun Eco Resort was born out from the bottom of love to conserve Community and Environment. A particular proportion of it earn would be devoted to the fund of SAS, a local NGO who initiated and planned for this resort, to run voluntary activities among the communities. Moreover, guests will be able to spend their time for volunteering in local community helping to build their homes and building skilled and empowered generation.


Responsible Tourism:

Rainya Tugun Eco Resort will follow ‘socially responsible’ policy to protect and promote local villager, and ensure comfortable visit of Tourist. Villager will have access to partner with us and share in its financial success. Interaction between villagers and the guest will be made with full consent and willing cooperation with a view to accelerate development and community empowerment. The resort will also conduct continuous consultation for entrepreneurs in the surrounding community to teach them how they can adapt and build businesses in expanding tourist market in future.


Environmental Sustainability:

From the choice of construction materials, to the environmental practices in the resort’s operation, Rainya Tugun Eco Resort will be designed to have minimal reverse impact on environment. The Resort is to be committed to protecting the natural heritage of surrounding areas. Instead of trying to tame the beautiful setting of our resort area, rather, we are adapting with landscape into our design.

Locally available materials like bamboo, wood and others are being used to construct Banglows and structures, and old stuff are also used to bring additional attraction of resort area. In addition, Preying birds and animals living in the host environment is forbidden to any person. We use alternative energy, such as solar power, as much as possible. 

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